So how should you wear your buttonhole and care for it on your wedding day?

1.  As with all flowers, keep them out of direct sunlight as much as possible before they are worn. Store them somewhere cool and shaded (particularly on hot summer days).

2.  Traditionally buttonholes are worn on the left (because its above your heart!) on the outside of the buttonhole, not in the actual buttonhole.

Ensure that all the Groomsmen wear their buttonholes on the same side!

3.  The stems of the buttonholes should point downwards towards your shoes and the buttonhole should always lie flat against the lapel.

4.  Secure to your lapel with the pin provided. The single pearl-headed pin should be used to attach from the back of the lapel (behind the collar of the suit) – vertically down through the stem of the flower (like a stake).  Or you can push the pin though horizontally to the other side of the lapel.  By placing the pin at the back of the lapel, the pin will be invisible from the front.  Either way, ensure that your buttonhole/corsage stays secure in place sitting vertically and does not swing around or move.

Set in white hydrangea, her bouquets featured the delicate soft pink and the bright pink roses and an additional splash of colour with the fluffy bright pink garden roses. Two of her bridesmaids wore the palest shade of pink, complimenting the sweet avalanche roses in her bouquet, while her third wore a dress that shimmered with beads and sequins.

For her reception Leila chose a more muted scheme of ivory and shimmer. Her displays featured our tall cone vases filled with gel and with crystal loops dripping from the arrangements. Her flowers included hydrangea, avalanche roses, lisianthus, gypsophila and variegated foliage. She wanted a full, more natural display, instead of the structured round ball, to add to the rustic charm of her venue space. The displays sat on our bevelled mirrors to reflect the light and the crystal scatter beads.

Special thanks to Tom Halliday for the beautiful pictures.